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March 2014

Blood Tree

Buy Blood Tree at A paranormal novel set in the mountains of Virginia, Blood Tree follows the grief and tragedy of eighteen year old Eve Devore after she learns that Adam, her recently deceased lover, has not left the mortal world, but instead has come to possess the tree that he crashed into.
The energy of life is found in all things, but it isn't always peace and love.  The tree, an entity that Adam comes to believe is a just begun soul, exists in anger and frustration, lonely and always on the brink of starvation.  When Adam bonds with the tree the two souls share all of their elements and Adam changes, experiences rage for rage's sake,
hungers, and from the spill of Adam's own essence they find a sustenance that satisfies like no other...the nutrient rich river that courses through our veins.

After several bodies are found completely exsanguinated beneath what the locals will soon be calling the blood tree, it falls on Eve to stop the killing.   When all attempts to fell the strange tree fail there is one final grand plan and the tree comes down, but even in its death
throes it takes still more victims.

When the blood saturated trunk is finally down on the road, Eve believes the trouble has ended, but lingering souls are seldom resolved so easily.  Adam continues, this time hi-jacking Eve's best friend.  Eve finds herself the focus of Adam's anger and she is soon running for her life.  As if that isn't enough, Eve
must risk herself to save her only remaining friend.

Blood Tree skirts that thin line between suspense and horror to
take you to the very edge of the supernatural while delivering a host of fully fleshed out characters.  This story is tragic, filled with grief and anguish, but its message is one of positive thinking, of never giving up, and that we can come through the worst of experiences and still find we have new lives on the horizon.

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